“Keara has a stunning, warm voice and was incredibly easy to communicate with. She delivered her professional recordings in a timely manner and offered multiple versions of each take. Thank you Keara for your great work!” 

-Ava Maria Safai     


“Barnes is a very charismatic performer, a terrifically engaging storyteller and I expect we will see and hear more from her”

-Jo Ledingham


“She is one vivacious young woman and a born storyteller”

-The Calgary Herald


“Barnes has a remarkable physical and vocal presence on stage”



“Barnes is a charming performer. She skillfully enlivens her characters and shows a strong facility for accents”



“Keara Barnes has a stage presence like none I have ever seen”

-The Marble


“Barnes is as astonishing a solo performer as they come”

-Two Cents & Two Pence


“Keara Barnes is fantastic”

-Vancouver Vantage


“Keara Barnes delivers one of the most naturalistic performances of the evening as a survivor named Jenny and, when she sings Bart, who becomes a tragic hero, her restraint is touching”

-The Georgia Straight


“Barnes has you in the palm of her hand the minute she opens her mouth”

-Jenna Shummoogum


“Barnes is a talented actor”

-CVV Magazine


“Not only is Keara’s character work phenomenal, but so too is her writing.”

-The Marble Victoria