“Keara Barnes has a stage presence like none I have ever seen”

-The Marble Victoria on ALMOST A STEPMOM

“Barnes is as astonishing a solo performer as they come”

-Two Pence & Two Cents on TRAVELTHEATRICS

“Barnes finds magic in the world”

-Winnipeg Free Press on TRAVELTHEATRICS

“Barnes is a very charismatic performer, a terrifically engaging storyteller and I expect we will see and hear more from her”

-Jo Ledingham, On the Scene, on ALMOST A STEPMOM

“Miraculously, Barnes has the capacity to use every moment of adversity, every trial passed, and every perceived failure as fuel for her passion to perform. And, somewhere in the performance, that passion becomes our own. Her laughter is contagious; her courage is catching.”


“An Exceptional Actor”

-Winnipeg Fringe Exchange

“Here she is, alive and lively and loving life, a consummate performer who engages her audiences, entertains them and makes them care.”

-Monday Magazine on TRAVELTHEATRICS

“Blending a dynamic physical performance with strong characterizations, Barnes cleverly infuses the show with the power of storytelling and her own theatrical background.”

-Check the program on TRAVELTHEATRICS

“Keara Barnes is fantastic”

-Trevor Martin, Vancouver Vantage on WAITING FOR GHOSTBUSTERS

“Keara Barnes delivers one of the most naturalistic performances of the evening as a survivor named Jenny and, when she sings Bart, who becomes a tragic hero, her restraint is touching”


“Gorgeous Performance”

-Penny Warwick, Two Cents Two Pence, on ALMOST A STEPMOM

“Barnes is a charming performer. She skillfully enlivens her characters and shows a strong facility for accents”


“An Exceptional Actor”

-Winnipeg Fringe Exchange on TRAVELTHEATRICS

“Barnes has you in the palm of her hand the minute she opens her mouth”

 –Jenna Shummoogum on ALMOST A STEPMOM

“Barnes’ beautiful command of voice, language and body—and her skilled orchestration of these essential points of expression…”

-KC Novak, Prism Magazine on MACBETH

“Barnes is a talented actor”


“A win-win- a good way to describe Keara Barnes”

-Winnipeg Fringe Review on ALMOST A STEPMOM

“Not only is Keara’s character work phenomenal, but so too is her writing…”

-Kathryn Taddei, The Marble Victoria on ALMOST A STEPMOM

“A very good actor”

-Jerry Wasserman, The Vancouver Sun, on ALMOST A STEPMOM

“..the show contains affecting, still performances from Jessica Hood (Olya) and Keara Barnes (Olya’s orphanage friend, Anna)”

-Colin Thomas, The Georgia Straight, on OLYA THE CHILD

“She is one vivacious young woman and a born storyteller”

-Louis B Hobson, The Calgary Herald on ALMOST A STEPMOM 

“Barnes has a remarkable physical and vocal presence on stage”



BEST ACTRESS, 2021 Montreal Independent Film Festival

AWARD OF MERIT: BEST ACTRESS, 2021 Accolade Global Film Festival

AWARD OF MERIT: WOMEN FILMMAKERS, 2021 Best Shorts Competition

AWARD OF MERIT: BEST SCRIPT/WRITER, 2021 Best Shorts Competition

JESTER’S CAP EMERGING ARTIST AWARD, 2016 Calgary Fringe Festival


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