“Keara Barnes has a stage presence like none I have ever seen.“

 -The Marble Victoria on ALMOST A STEPMOM

If this show isn’t already on your Fringe list, make room for it. Almost A Stepmom affected me more in one thirty-minute act than some plays have in three. I look forward to seeing more of Keara’s work in future Fringes around the world.

-Kathryn Taddei, The Marble Victoria on ALMOST A STEPMOM

“Barnes is a very charismatic performer, a terrifically engaging storyteller and I expect we will see and hear more from her.”

-Jo Ledingham, On the Scene on ALMOST A STEPMOM

“Keara Barnes is fantastic as the talented but facially challenged Liz…“

-Trevor Martin, Vancouver Vantage on WAITING FOR GHOSTBUSTERS

“Barnes has you in the palm of her hand the minute she opens her mouth”

 –Jenna Shummoogum on ALMOST A STEPMOM

“Barnes’ beautiful command of voice, language and body—and her skilled orchestration of these essential points of expression…“

-KC Novak, Prism Magazine on MACBETH

“Proof that good things, including Fringe plays, can come in small packages.“

-Janis La Couvee, on ALMOST A STEPMOM

“…Barnes is a talented actor“


“Not only is Keara’s character work phenomenal, but so too is her writing…“

-Kathryn Taddei, The Marble Victoria on ALMOST A STEPMOM

“…the show contains affecting, still performances from Jessica Hood (Olya) and Keara Barnes (Olya’s orphanage friend, Anna).“

-Colin Thomas, The Georgia Straight, on OLYA THE CHILD

“She is one vivacious young woman and a born storyteller”

-Louis B Hobson, The Calgary Herald on ALMOST A STEPMOM