created and performed by Keara Barnes

Storytelling show featuring 6 TRUE tales from across the globe, from the Mountains of Malaysia to the Medinas in Morocco.

Tales of Tigers. of Ghosts. of Romance. of Dangerous drives, of Fairies and Family.

Solo show featuring 15+ characters.

Are you ready for an adventure?


“Keara Barnes has a stage presence like none I have ever seen(The Marble Victoria)

“Barnes is a very charismatic performer, a terrifically engaging storyteller and I expect we will see and hear more from her” (Jo Ledingham)

“An Exceptional Actor” (Winnipeg Fringe Exchange)

“She is one vivacious young woman and a born storyteller(The Calgary Herald)

“Barnes has a remarkable physical and vocal presence on stage” (CBC)

“Barnes has you in the palm of her hand the minute she opens her mouth” (Jenna Shumoogum)

July 18-29 at the 2018 Winnipeg Fringe Festival

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