GVPTA Blog: Crazy for You

Crazy For You - L-R Gaelan Beatty, Kate Blackburn (formal dance) Photo Credit David CooperI’m crazy about this musical. Having performed it in high school I have always had a special fondness for it, and was thus extremely excited to see it playing at Gateway Theatre. Expectations were high going into the production, yet it pleasantly lived up to its hype and my hopes. Crazy for You is a fun, humorous and entertaining production that embodies the joyful and exuberant feelings of this time of year.

The plot follows Bobby Child and Polly Baker, two young hopefuls with big dreams. Their paths cross when banker Bobby threatens to shut down Polly’s local bankrupt theatre. He shows up in her town of Deadrock threatening closure and ends up falling for the spunky young country girl instead. He offers to help her, and disguises himself as a well known theatre director. Together they pool their resources to put on a show with the goal to raise enough funds to save the theatre. There’s only one problem- Polly falls for the wrong man. Romance, hilarity, and financial salvation prevail in this Gershwin musical.

Gateway’s production is as big a spectacle as I’ve ever seen on its stage. Chaneling Broadway-esque set designs, the choreography is stunningly strong and the costumes are endlessly eye-catching. Crazy for You also boasts a fabulous soundtrack, my personal favourites being ‘Someone to Watch over me’ and ‘They can’t take that away from me.’ This is an ideal show for all ages, and is clearly a crowd pleaser, judging by the excited energy in the room. It’s a wonderful thing to see children at the theatre, especially when they are engaged and interested, and there were no shortage of families present. Take yours!

Crazy for You plays at the Gateway Theatre until December 31st