GVPTA Blog: The Comedy of Errors

imagesBard on the Beach’s A Comedy of Errors is choreographed like Clockwork. Literally. Various shapes, sizes and degrees of functioning gadgets adorn the Mainstage, with its customary beach view beaming through behind. The set resembles the inside of a machine and functions just as smoothly and impressively, as does the production itself, styled in the exciting Steampunk genre.

Shakespeare’s story of two sets of twins separated by a tempest at sea is comical, ridiculous and entertaining. When one set of twins (Master and Slave) journeys to the town where the other half of Master and Slave live, comedy, drama, and a great deal of errors in mistaken identity ensue among the town’s residents.

The comedy of Errors is a surreal slapstick farce with a great deal of over the top absurdity. Yet, as with most of Shakespeare’s plays, the story contains themes and morals that still resonate strongly today. There is a reason, after all, the infamous Bard’s works seem to have an endless life span. Bard on the Beach’s Steampunk Comedy of Errors reminds us of the ticking of time constantly passing by us. You must be brave, make a bold move, and venture out to seek your heart’s desire, before time inevitably runs out and you risk having led an ungratified, monotonous life. But beware: sometimes you can spend your whole life searching for something that’s missing but not recognize it when it’s right under your nose….

It’s a lesson in life that applies to our current generation. In an unstable world where embarking on a career is tougher than ever, young people need to have determination, perseverance and audacity to succeed. The ability to lay out your ambitious and the assertion to see them through is crucial. There is however a thin line, between balancing tenacity and reality, and failure is inevitable at some point or other. Sometimes what you seek ultimately lacks fulfillment, and happiness was actually present in your life all along- you were simply blind to it before. It is the journey that makes all the difference. It is the journey that enlightens, shapes and changes your attitude and perceptions, this trial and error personal odyssey that is full of both drama and comedy. And such is Shakespeare’s play; the end is only one small part. And the audience came to see the entire story.

Comedy and chaos result in this electrically eccentric production, where the girls are sassy, the men fight with smoke, and there’s a talking piranha plant. Definitely recommended.

The Comedy of Errors runs until September 26th, 2015.