Standing Room Only Theatre Company

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Standing Room Only Theatre is a Vancouver based theatre company. It comprises Keara Barnes, Tracy Lynn Chernaske, and Joe Hinks. SRO believes that a voice and a vision are all that is needed to bring the stage alive. The story that lurks deep within every individual is one that yearns to be told, and Standing Room Only want to tell it with vivid imagination, bold creativity and inherent theatricality. Like the cultural mosaic that is Canada, we veiw the stage as a canvas awash with the voices of artists, characters and the everyman alike; be it charming classics by established playwrights, age-old cultural myths or challenging new writing, everyone of them has a place on our stage. We aim to challenge, educate and entertain by bringing these voices to the stage with energy and our own brand of originality.

 Our Mission:

Standing Room Only Theatre’s mission is to produce established plays, new writing and original work. We want to empower the individual and the collective alike with the experience of theatre in order to challenge and entertain in equal measure. We seek to explore different modes of storytelling and bring a myriad of voices to the stage with energy and our own brand of originality to make the stage our own and keep theatre alive as an arena that tells stories, addresses human issues, encourages creativity and maintains importance in today’s society.

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