GVPTA Blog: Five Women Wearing the Same Dress

fivewomenFive bridesmaids, five identical dresses, five vastly different women.  ‘Five women wearing the same dress’ focuses on five bridesmaids on the day of a mutual friend’s wedding. The funny thing is, none of them is actually friends with the bride…

How different each of them wears their dress; conservatively, bitterly, sarcastically, optimistically, dramatically- each character is highly developed and drastically different from the next. The comedic and dramatic moments of the play hinge on these conflicting characters, their interactions at times poignant and sweet yet melodramatic and catty…sometimes within the same scene.

The script is about so much more than the dresses they wear. It’s about life, about being a woman, about disappointment in love and relationships, about expectation and hope, about sexuality, and about friendship. The charisma and chemistry between the actors is palpable, unforced and engaging. The interactions and stories discussed feel real, as if you are overhearing old friends from high school.

Staged in a bedroom with the various characters flitting in and out, the intimacy of the set mirrors the intimacy of the characters conversations; stories and secrets are spilled and comfort and support are provided. Each is fighting their own battle in some way, struggling to find where their individual ideals and attitudes fit within the world.

If you’ve ever been a bridesmaid and hated it, if you’ve ever had your heart broken, or you are simply looking for five talented young women(and man) to entertain you, go and see this show.

‘Five Women wearing the same dress’ runs until March 1 at Studio 1398.

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